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Mural painting in the capital,

The beautiful municipality organization of Tehran these days, ignoring all the urban issues, arranged the fourth biennial of wall paintings to show that their priority is Wall Painting. Iraj Eskandari, the director of the policy council of the fourth biennial of wall art, said: artists who talk about their works are looking for their artwork

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The last survivor of the gener

Zanjan – A small room with a roof of wood that penetrates moisture, and an old man who portrays all his love in his art, is an “Torpedo” in a room for the survival of his art. It is safe to say that Torpedo is the only survivor of the art of carvings, and he

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From the history of wall paint

If we want to study the history of painting on the wall, we should talk about the first signs of the emergence of this art throughout history, and of course, it should be borne in mind that wall painting in historical times, with what we now call wall painting, has a very different origins And

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